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Southern Charm star Craig Conover has spoken out about Kathryn Dennis' new boyfriend, calling him a good influence.

Kathryn is currently dating Hunter Price - who has not yet been featured on the current season of the show:

"I love Hunter. He's a great dude. Yeah, we're big fans," Craig told Us Weekly.

"He's like a sweetheart guy. He's very nice, and she's really happy around him. And he's sober, so it's a good influence."

Kathryn seems to have finally found peace after the relationship with the father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel was forced to quit from the show after his former nanny accused him of rape during the time she worked for him. While Kathryn struggled with her sobriety, Ravenel was awarded full custody of their children. The couple now shares joint custody, and Kathryn is reportedly seeking full custody of her daughter Kensie and her son Saint.