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Viewers of Southern Charm New Orleans are not happy with Kelsey Nichols after her fight with fan-favorite, Tamica Lee.

Kelsey is the girlfriend of Justin Reese, who last season, was unsure about his future with her. Tamica is very close friends with Justin and fiercely protective of him and gave Kelsey a hard time last season, but the ladies sat down for a chat this season and agreed to start anew.

While preparing for their housewarming party, Justin told Kelsey that she was the woman of the house and that she should feel free to throw anybody out who is being disrespectful. Kelsey used the opportunity to exact revenge on Tamica, confronting her and then ordering her out of the house for "being too loud." 

It was a party and pretty much everybody as being loud. Viewers agree that Kelsey was itching to throw Tamica out - and took to Twitter to flame her!