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A white woman known as 'South Park Susan' has turned herself into the authorities.

The woman, (real name Susan Westwood) went viral after she was captured on film insulting two Black women in North Carolina, before calling the police on them. The woman, who harassed the sisters as they waited for roadside assistance, boasted about her $125,000 a year job before asking them what they made. In a drunken rant, she said:

“Hi, how are you? I’m white, I’m beautiful, I’m hot … This is Myers Park, South Park, b—-. Why are you up in here hanging out?” 

Westwood was later fired from her job with Charter Communications, ejected from her apartment before disappearing, reported to be on the run. She has since turned herself into the police and has been charged with a misdemeanor for misusing the 911 system on Oct. 19th after she falsely claimed two women were trying to break into nearby residences.

The video has been viewed across the country with viewers coining her 'South Park Susan' for her behavior.