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MTO EXCLUSIVE South Carolina COUPLE Arrested . . . Suspected Of RACIST MURDER . . . Of Black CHILD And Her GRANDMOTHER!!!

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The racial tension in the United States is nearing a boiling point, and this latest story is not going to help things. learned of a suspected RACIAL KILLING in Darlington County, South Carolina.

A South Carolina couple named Cephas Cowick, 23, and Katherine Baucom Cowick, 25, were charged with murder, and the circumstances surrounding the murders are HORRIFIC.

According to police a beautiful 9-year-old girl named Deziyah Davis and her grandmother, 52-year-old Denise Couplin - both African-American - were the victims. Two other children were home at the time of the murders, but luckily they escaped with their lives. exclusively learned that the police suspect that baby girl and her grandmother were victims of a RACIAL MURDER.

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Here are pics of the alleged MURDERERS:

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