South Carolina Teacher Forced To RETIRE . . . After Caught 'ABUSING' Teen On Video!! (Was This Justified??)

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Lisa Houston, a 30 year career South Carolina teacher was forced to "retire" after a viral video showing her "abusing" a teenage student went viral.

The video, which we posted below, shows the teacher making physical contact with a student who was sleeping at his desk.

The student, who eventually woke up, was not injured by the teacher.

But that didn't matter - when the video went viral, heads rolled. Not only was the teacher forced to retire, but a member  of the school board was kicked out too.

The local NBC-affliate in South Carolina reported that, "On Thursday, dozens rallied to get their teacher back in the classroom."

"I don't know why she is being accused of doing anything she shouldn't have been doing when she was just joking around,” Palmetto High School graduate Jordan Smith said. “She's never done anything to harm a student. She's always done the best she can to help.”

Students past and present said Houston was more than just a math teacher to them.

“Lisa was somebody who loved willingly, anybody, no matter who you were, where you came from,” Palmetto High graduate Ryan Rector said. "It's hurt our community, because Anderson One has lost a wonderful teacher. Palmetto High School has lost a wonderful teacher."

Parents agreed Houston had a different way of teaching that reached students in an unconventional way.

“When I see this video, I saw what she did for years,” parent Michael Gowen said. “If anything ever happened to me, and my sons didn’t have anybody to go to, I’d want Lisa to raise them. We’re taking a stand. We want teachers to take the classroom back, and we want Lisa to get back into the classroom.”