South African BEAUTY Queen Reveals SHOCKING Secret . . . She Was Born An 'INTERSEX' . . . Neither MALE Nor FEMALE!! (Details)


We've heard a lot about transgenders in recent months, but what about INTERSEX individuals. To be INTERSEX is to be be born with ambiguous sex organs - so that it's unclear whether you are male or female.

That's what South African beauty queen Sharon-Rose Khumalo has opened up about in a revealing interview.

Here's how is reporting it:

Khumalo explained that she had grown up feeling “traditionally” female.

“For me there was no reason my parents could think otherwise. I grew up seemingly like a normal traditional female,” she said.

The blogger was diagnosed with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome after she went to the doctors because she did not have a period.

The diagnosis left her “shattered”.

“I remember I just wanted to go home and cry it out because I went to the doctor thinking that he will just say “oh gain some weight, take this medication and then everything will be sorted”.

“And now he just dropped this bomb on me and I didn’t know who I was anymore,” she explained.

“Sometimes I am okay and then on some days I look at other women who have children and I know I will never have that, but I have learnt to accept that this is the situation and I can’t really change it.”

Since her diagnoses four years ago, Khumalo has embraced her status as intersex and is tackling life head on. From dating to competing in shows, everything has become a new learning path for her.

“Coming out to talk about this was me saying “Yes, I may be different from the next “girl” but there is nothing wrong with me and I have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of, because at times I felt like there was”.”