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Good news for Soulja Boy - the kidnapping case against him has been thrown out by prosecutors.

According to TMZ, The Ventura County District Attorney are declining to file charges against the rapper due to insufficient evidence. 

The alleged victim, SB's ex-girlfriend Kayla, accused Soulja Boy of holding her captive for six hours after Soulja and his assistant allegedly assaulted her. But the police department was unable to prove it, so the case has to be dropped.

The woman reported the incident to the police who subsequently searched his home to investigate the alleged crime, which led to them finding ammunition. Authorities considered this a violation of his probation, which led to him being sentenced to 240 days in jail. He was also given and 265 days of community service by the judge to complete once he is released.

Soulja Boy has vowed to have the biggest comeback of 2019 upon his release.