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Soulja Boy is still behind bars, but more information about the burglary which took place in his Cali home just days after he was detained - and it seems like it was an inside job.

According to TMZ, Soulja's team have analyzed the home surveillance and say there's evidence the burglars had some inside information because they knew when to strike, where to enter the house and went straight for the safe.

According to reports, the thieves nabbed approximately $500k worth of items including jewelry, cash, and his iPhone which they used to hack into his Instagram and boast about the burglary.

Soulja's team left the house for 3 hours, and the robbers broke in about half an hour before they returned. They were able to complete the job in less than 5 minutes and left his door damage during the illicit job. The door has reportedly been fixed.

We hope Soulja's got home insurance.