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Rapper Soulja Boy's home was reportedly burglarized following the rapper's recent arrest for probation violation.

His California home, which is located in Agoura Hills was robbed according to TMZ. Soulja frequently shoots his music videos both inside and outside of his home, so his luxury cars and his possessions inside his home are often on display to the general public.

The burglars reportedly got away with around $500,000 worth of jewelry, $100,000 in cash from a safe, and a cell phone. 

To add further insult to injury, the thieves then hopped on Soulja Boy's Instagram Live to brag about the burglary and mocked the rapper. They have also allegedly been reaching out to Soulja's famous pals - telling them they're his new artists, claiming Soulja wants their music video posted on the celebs' IG accounts and hounding them for features.  

Well, they may be laughing now, posting on the Gram, admitting to a crime and showing your face to the "ops" is not very smart. We predict that all five men will be scooped up by the cops pretty soon!