Soulja Boy Trolls Tyga Over Recent Arrest

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Following word of Tyga's arrest, Soulja Boy took to social media to troll him.

Soulja shared an image of Tyga and his ex-girlfriend with her black eye and captioned the post: "Tyga!!!!!!???? I had the biggest comeback!"

Camaryn Swanson says that the rapper sent a car to her home to bring her to him. But when she arrived, things got physical and she was later picked up from his house by her mother. LAPD says they saw "visible marks" on her and took a report for felony domestic violence. Tyga was arrested on a felony domestic charge before being released on bail.

Soulja Boy has also been accused of domestic violence.


Earlier this year, an ex-girlfriend of his anonymously filed a lawsuit against him. The lawsuit cites multiple causes of action, including domestic violence, gender violence, negligence, assault, sexual battery, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiff is seeking a trial.