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Soulja Boy decided to get his hair braided, but while some were admiring his new braid (some clowned them too) many were suspecting that Soulja has been taking drugs.

In the comments sections, fans accused Soulja of having a drug problem - and they are adamant that he is on more than just weed.

Here are a few of the comments:

"Bruh ah dopehead, it’s all in his face. And shows in his temper"

"Dope fiend"

"He looks like a recovering addict."

"He can't talk about breezy that boy all smoked up.😭"

"He Need To Stay Off That Crack"

"Smh our own people . Instead of making jokes about him being on drugs , somebody needs to help him"

Soulja has repeatedly denied taking any drugs other than weed. Do you believe him?