Soulja Boy has been sentenced to 240 days in jail and community service.

Last month Soulja was arrested for violating his probation. He was on probation from a 2016 firearms charge. Soulja reportedly failed to do his court-ordered community service and allegedly conspired to falsify evidence that he completed it. 

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy attended court on Tuesday where the judge slapped him with the sentence. He has been given a credit of 200 days for the time that he has already spent locked up.

TMZ reports that the judge told Soulja that he was initially leaning towards a two-year sentence but decided to show leniency.

Soulja's meteoric comeback appears to be on hold - at least for the next 6 months while he sits in jail. His house has already been burglarized in a possible inside job. We hope Soulja's team hold his business affairs down until he is free.