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Following his release from jail a few months back, Soulja Boy had kept a fairly low profile, but this week he visited The Breakfast Club to speak about his new ventures -- which include selling dish detergent.

"Once you get into the music industry, you branch out, you know what I'm saying? Do different stuff, like, try different things, try different business ventures.

"I got dish detergent. Everybody needs soap," he explained.

According to The Soap Shop's official website, the company is a "privately owned franchised laundry detergent, dish-washing liquid, body wash and cleaning supply company established in 2014."

The rapper was arrested last year for allegedly having firearms and ammunition, and failing to complete his court-ordered community service. He was jailed a month later for violating his probation. He was ordered to complete 225 days of community service. Soulja was released five months early on good behavior.

Check out the interview below.