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Soulja Boy Says He Won't Apologize To Kanye West Over Donda Rant

Soulja Boy went off on Kanye West after the rapper left his bars off the final version of the Donda album.

In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, Soulja says he's not sorry for his outburst.

 "Didn't he make it look like I was gonna be on there, though," he asked Ak, before adding, "All I wanted was an explanation. I feel like I got played…But it's all love, with time passing and sh*t like that it ain't like I'm on some 'I hate this n*gga Kanye blah blah'".

Soulja continued, "I ain't even call it trolling bruh 'cause it was real. I just had to speak my mind and let a n*gga know, don't be doing no shit like that, bruh."

Soulja says he recorded a verse for "Remote Control." He is not the only artist who was removed from the final version. Chris Brown also went at Ye on Twitter for removing him from the project.