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If you've missed Soulja Boy's presence on social media, then the wait is over as the rapper posted a picture of himself to Instagram - and he looks very different.

In the pic, Soulja is crouched down next to his sports cars, and in another pic, leaning against him - but one thing is noticeably different about the star -- he's now sporting short, honey-tipped dreadlocks.

Soulja was released from jail 146 days early in July 2019.

The rapper was arrested for allegedly having firearms and ammunition, and failing to complete his court-ordered community service. He was jailed a month later for violating his probation. He was ordered to complete 225 days of community service.

Soulja's life, though, was not without drama while on the inside. While in jail, Soulja's house was reportedly burglarized, and the alleged culprits hacked into his social media and streamed from his Instagram live. They also allegedly tried to reach out to his famous contacts on his phone.