Soulja Boy used a recent performance to slam Gucci once more as he canned his own song, "Gucci Bandana."

While on stage, Soulja started singing the hook to his track, "Gucci Bandana" before stopping the track to blast the fashion brand.

"F*ck Gucci! Gucci canceled. Get the f*ck outta here. Oh, I forgot, Gucci racist as f*ck. Man, y’all got me f*cked up. Gucci put out that racist ass sh*t with that blackface sh*t on that sh*t. F*ck Gucci on my mama. I spent over $1 million on Gucci in the last 10 years. Y’all can suck my d*ck with that racist sh*t. F*ck Gucci! Next song," he told the audience who responded with applause.

Soulja has reportedly decided to rock Versace instead...