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Soulja Boy Goes Off On Young Dolph

Soulja Boy went off on Young Dolph after he posted on his Instagram story.

"How da f*ck im a independent artist and gettin 100rax plus for a show," Dolph wrote on his Instagram Story. 

He added, "How da f*ck @keyglock got more cars & ice than you & your ceo?" 

Soulja Boy called cap. But then Soulja went on Live:

"Man, Young Dolph, if you don't get your bitch a*s artist out my muthaf*ckin DM, nigga," Soulja said. "F*ck you talkin' bout, n*gga? N*gga thought he was bulletproof 'til he got shot like Dolph, n*gga. F*ck you talkin' 'bout, n*gga? Ain't you the n*gga getting shot at 100 times? Ain't you the n*gga getting popped and shot at all the time? Y'all bitch a*s n*ggas better get out of my DM. Fuck Paper Route. F*ck Key Glock. F*ck Young Dolph. F*ck all y'all n*ggas."