Rapper Soulja Boy reportedly did "lines" of cocaine before going on the Internet tv show Everyday Struggle, where he threatened to fight DJ Akademiks.

It all went down today inside the Complex studios in New York.

Rapper Soulja boy went viral yesterday, after doing a controversial interview on The Breakfast Club, where he made outlandish claims.

Well today he took it a step further, by threatening Everyday Struggle host DJ Akademiks,

Multiple folks inside Complex are claiming that Soulja Boy did LINES OF COCAINE before the interview. And the interview quickly descended into utter craziness.

The interview was lively, until Soulja Boy started cursing about 46 minutes into it.

Soulja Boy: I'm the realest n*gga you ever met [you] f*ck n*gga.

Akademiks: You're the funniest n*gga I ever met

Soulja Boy: I'm from Zone 1 n*gga.

Akademiks: I thought you were from Bompton.

Soulja Boy: N*gga shit the f*ck up. Y'all know what's up with me. [I got] 150 shooters in Atlanta. Stop playing with me f*ck n*gga.

Akademiks: I think you just be saying sh*t to say it.

Soulja Boy: I think it can go down in this mother f*kcer that's what I think. F*ck is you talking about

Before Ak could murmur out a rebuttal, Soulja Boy accused him of being instrumental in Tekashi 6ix9ine’s prison downfall.

“Free 6ix9ine, bro!” he exclaimed. “You played with that man. You were supposed to his homie, bro. You ain’t have that man back, bro. Why that nigga sitting in jail right now? Why you ain’t give him no advice? Why you ain’t look at him, bro?”

Here's the video: