Rapper Soulja Boy is currently on probation for an old drug offense. Well he may have just publicly violated his probation - by threatening to shoot rappers of Live.

Soulja Boy took to Instagram yesterday, and he was clearly high on something other than weed. Many speculate that he appeared to be on cocaine.

During the rant, Soulja boy asked rappers to step forward, if they wanted "smoke." Then Soulja Boy threatened to shoot the rappers.

Here's his full rant:

"All you rap niggas do me favor. Hit my DM and let me know who want smoke. Cause I'm ready to shoot one of ya'll niggas, knock one of ya'll niggas out. So if you want smoke hit the DM right now, let me know."

Soulja Boy plead guilty to weapons possession in 2017, and received five years probation and 240 days of community labor. His probation ends in 2022.

Soulja Boy also went on another social media rant very recently after criticism of his video gaming system. This time he took aim at Complex and DJ Akademiks saying:

"Fuck DJ Akademiks, fuck Complex, and fuck Nadeska, and fuck everybody at the 'Everyday Struggle' shit, man. Y'all gon' quit playing with my name, bruh," he said. "I'm taking you to court, bruh. I'm suing your stupid ass. You got me fucked up, n***a," he continued. "I'm takin' y'all to court. I'm suing y'all. Y'all got me fucked up. DJ Akademiks, I'm suing you. Nadeska, I'm suing you. Complex, I'm suing you. 'Cause y'all promoting fake stories."