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Soulja Boy's has reportedly been contacted by Nintendo, who is threatening to press criminal charges against the Crank That rapper, MTO News has confirmed. 

Soulja Boy began selling a "new" game console to fans for $100 two weeks ago. But the console is believed to contain copyrighted games - owned by Nintendo.

In the letter that was sent to Soulja Boy, Nintendo's team suggested that selling the game console may violate the Trademark Counterfeiting Act. And that if it can be proven that he violated the law, Soulja Boy may be subject to substantial prison time.

How much jail time? Well according to the Trademark Counterfeiting Act, "Imprisonment for the first offense up to 10 years and up to 20 years for repeat offenders."

Soulja Boy is best known for the 2007 song “Crank that Soulja Boy.” In recent years, he's been expanding his ventures into technology. 

The rapper is now selling his own watch, called the SouljaWatch, and he even put his own handheld game console up for sale. That's where the problem came up.

The Soulja handheld appears to be based on a plug-and-play system that's already sold under a different name. And it also appears to include games from companies like Nintendo.

YouTube creator Madlittlepixel purchased one of the consoles, and reviewed it. During his review, he suggested that Soulja Boy used copyrighted games, without permission.

Here's the video: