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Soulja Boy has reportedly tightened up his circle by booting his friends and hangers-on since his release from jail last week.

Sources close to Soulja told TMZ that after his stint in jail, he's cutting people off and cutting off his time on Twitter and Instagram. The source told the breaking news outlet that we're told Soulja kicked a bunch of people out of his crib in the San Fernando Valley, the same home that was burglarized when he was locked up.

The thieves made off with $500,000 in cash, jewelry and his iPhone during the burglary.

While in jail, he promised his fans the biggest comeback of 2019:

"Shout out to all the fans that been writing me," he said. "I been reading all y'all letters. I appreciate it. I'm going on tour. Like I said, the biggest comeback of 2019. Jail? Jail? Come on, man. You know I do this. Shout out to everybody that's been holding me down, come to visit me, putting money on my books. I love all my fans, it ain't over. It's a minor setback for a major comeback."