Soulja Boy claims that an apology tweeted to Blac Chyna claiming that they are just friends and nothing more is not from him. He claims that Blac Chyna hacked his phone and composed and sent the tweet herself.

After Soulja revealed that he just wanted to "see what the P*ssy felt like" fans began to troll Chyna. Unfortunately, he left his phone at her house and then Chyna tweeted out an apology and stated that they "mutual friendship." 

But Soulja - who could have left it at that to be a gentleman, didnt:

"Blac Chyna hacked my phone. Smh I didn't tweet that last tweet apology."

"What I look like dating Blac Chyna," he said before telling fans that he is still dating Tiona Fernan.

Is Soulja right? Is dating Blac Chyna beneath him? Let us know.