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Soulja BoyA video of Soula Joy being checked by rapper Casanova at Sirius XM by allegedly screaming at a female has surfaced online.

"You screamed at a lady, you bugging the f*ck out homie," Casanova can be seen telling Soulja. 

"You got sh*t all over your face. Are you bugging out? You high? You smacked? [...] You don't see how she ran out?"

Soulja Boy is noticeably calmer when speaking to Casanova as he quietly tells him that he only smokes weed. A far cry from the energy he had on Everyday Struggle.

Soulja Boy let the hosts of Everyday Struggle know that he is not happy with them clowning him for the past two days on their show. He also had some harsh words for Tekashi 6ix9ine's close pal, Akademiks.

“Free 6ix9ine, bro! You played with that man. You were supposed to his homie, bro. You ain’t have that man back, bro. Why that n*gga sitting in jail right now? Why you ain’t give him no advice? Why you ain’t look at him, bro?”

“Racketeering charges. This not no Draco where you can get a lawyer and get probation. This is real time. That man can lose his whole life. [And] you were the closest n*gga to him, bro. Y’all was on social media playing and joking and sh*t — that sh*t hurt me and I didn’t even know homes. You didn’t even know me and you DM’ed me, giving me advice telling me to put my guns down. [Tekashi] is your right-hand man. You supposed to make sure that didn’t happen. You could’ve prevented that!”

Ak insisted that he tried to give 6ix9ine good advice, but that the DUMMY BOY rapper wouldn't listen to reason.

Watch the heated interview below.