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Rapper Soulja Boy is being accused of "assaulting" his girlfriend during the filming of the current season of VH1 show Marriage Boot Camp. According to show insiders, Soulja was kicked out of the house for violence.

We spoke with an insider on the show who explained, "Soulja Boy was kicked off for putting his hands on Nia. They got him on camera."

The tipster told MTO News that Soulja was physically removed from the house by security.

And it appears that VH1 plans on showing viewers that alleged sbuse footage. 

Here's a still shot of Soulja Boy jumping on top of Nia, while she's sleeping, and he has a clenched fist. It appears that he is winding up to strike her:


And here's the video, where you can see how terrified that Nia is of her rapper/boyfriend.

This isn't the first time that Soulja Boy has tried to harm Nia. Back in 2016, when he believed that she was "cheating: on him, Soulja Boy pulled a gun and threatened to murder her on camera.

Here's the video of that event:

According to OK! Magazine, Soulja and Nia are still a couple. As recently as last week, the couple discussed the possibility of getting married, and the fact that they’ve learned a lot about each other over the course of the series. “Even though it has been a lot of up and down for us, we’re learning a lot,” Nia said. “It’s been an emotional roller coaster,” Soulja added. “But it’s ending up in a good space.”

But we also reported last week that Soulja was spotted spending Valentine's Day with Blac Chyna...