Soul Singer SADE'S Transgender Kid Shows SCARS . .  Got During S*X CHANGE OPERATION!

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Sade Adu's only child - born a girl, transitioned into becoming a boy last year. Ila, who seemingly now goes by the name ‘Izaak Theo’ - got surgery this week. And now the transition is FINAL.

The Nigerian-British singer's son revealed that he underwent surgery recently, and is now able to wear the male designer shirts he had previously left hanging in his wardrobe.

“So many tops I can wear now that I couldn’t before my surgery so happs!! Plus copped this piece,” he said in the post, posing in a Raph Lauren shirt.

This interesting update comes after he revealed that he already lost his previous feminine voice. Izaak shared a video of his remarkable development since he started taking testosterone injections.

And that’s not all: he already has grown facial hair, and now topped with the male physique, one can hardly guess he was ever a female.


Although many have wondered exactly how Sade feels about her new son, she never spoke out about it. But in one online post, Izaak has now shared, he made it very clear that he has the full support of his mother and many other loved ones. He also confessed that even with their support, he still has some struggles with being a transgender man. Sometimes following your own heart, instead of succumbing to society’s judgement, is a life accomplishment within itself, so props to Izaak Theo for that. And besides, as long as Izaak and his girlfriend are happy, then it’s all good.