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Soul Singer Ledisi Just CUT OFF HER DREADS!! (New Look)


Soul singer Ledisis is known for two things, her amazing voice and her dread loss. Well not anymore. Last week Ledisi decided to try something new. The beautiful singer cut off her dreads completely. She took to social media to show off her new hair.

Sp far the fans reactions to Ledisi's new look are mostly positive. While most people admit that it's going to take some time to get used to the singers new short hair - they generally like it.

One follower put it best, "Her face is pretty and her voice is amazing. She can do anything with her hair and I'd love it."

Here's what she looks like:

Ledisi was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up in a musical family;[6] her mother, Nyra Dynese, sang in a Louisiana R&B band and her stepfather, Joseph Pierce III, (deceased) was a drummer in the New Orleans area. Her biological father is soul singer Larry Sanders, the son of blues singer Johnny Ace. He left the family when she was a baby and they did not meet again for nearly three decades.

Ledisi first began performing publicly at age eight with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. Ledisi moved to Oakland, California, where she attended McChesney Junior High School, now Edna Brewer Middle School, where she was shy about her singing abilities. She would sing only upon request when students in her gym class would implore her to sing Deniece Williams’ version of Black Butterfly, bringing the entire locker room audience under the spell of her very mature, melodious voice. As she sang more publicly her music career blossomed. She was nominated for a Shellie award in 1990 for her performance in a production of The Wiz and performed in an extended run with the San Francisco cabaret troupe, Beach Blanket Babylon. She studied opera and piano for five years at University of California Berkeley in their Young Musicians Program.