Soul Singer Jhene Aiko Photo'd Wearing NO MAKEUP . . . And She's SO PRETTY!!

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Jhene Aiko is all smiles while shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills. The singer kept thing casual in an oversized, white graphic tee.

Jhene recently revealed thats he's broken up with longtime rapper boyfriend Big Sean. Rumors have been circulating for MONTHS that Sean was openly cheating on Jhene. Finally she decided she had enough.

But don't feel sorry for Jhene. We're pretty sure that her DMs have been blowing up ever since she made the announcement.


Jhené Aiko's real name is Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo. Jhené's daughter, Namiko Love Browner, was born in 2008 when Jhené was 20 years old. The singer was enrolled at West Los Angeles College at the time and had started taking voice lessons until she got pregnant. O'Ryan, the father of Namiko, is the younger brother of R&B singer Omarion.

Jhené is of mixed heritage. She is the child of a Japanese, Spanish and Dominican mother and African American, Native American, German and Jewish father.

The singer's body is covered in tattoos! Many follow a spiritual or nautical theme, as Aiko's star sign is the water-orientated Pisces. She also had a portrait of ex-boyfriend Big Sean inked on her forearm.

Sony and Epic formerly marketed Jhené as the cousin of Lil' Fizz, who was a member of the group B2K, but they are not actually related. The pair grew up together and were close when they were youngsters.