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A 34-year-old Georgia man is dead, after trying to save his dad from drowning. 

Jeremiah Israel has been identified as the victim found in West Point Lake near LaGrange, Georgia.

He and his father decided to spend Memorial weekend on their boat, fishing. But tragedy struck early Monday morning.

The two grew tired and tied the boat to the bridge and decided to spend the night on the boat.

Jeremiah's father began sleep walking. The dad thought he was at home, and walked straight off the boat aiming to head towards the bathroom, reports said.

Jeremiah jumped in the water after his 62-year-old father, and tragically, he did not resurface after going in the lake.

Jeremiah's father woke up when he hit the water, and managed to get back onto the boat. He was taken to the hospital, for observation, and quickly released.

The family is getting an outpouring of support on social media.

Here are pics of the two: