Nicki Minaj's new husband Kenneth Petty's babys mother was attacked last night - someone tried to murder her.

The full details surrounding the attack are unclear. But Noelle claims that an armed hitman burst into her home and shot her. 

Fortunately for her she survived. Also the police have a lead as to who tried to have her killed.  The gunman dropped his firearm as he fled the scene, according to Noelle.

It's a miracle that she survived the attack, given all the blood on the scene. 

Here are pics from the crime scene.


Noelle has a daughter with Nicki Minaj's current husband Kenneth Petty. And when Nicki and Kenneth first started dealing with each other, Kenneth was living with Noelle. 

Noelle admitted on social media that she was "dating" Kenneth for at least a portion of the time during his relationship with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki and Kenneth have known each other for almost 20 years, but the two only started dating this past summer. Their relationship went from 0 to 100 quickly, and the pair reportedly eloped last month.

Here are pics of Noelle:

According to the Jasmine Brand, "When Nicki and Kenneth started dating publicly, social media quickly uncovered his past rape conviction. Nicki Minaj has defended him with an Instagram comment, and even threatened to sue a Daily Mail TV anchor for alleging she’s a serial supporter of sexual assault and rapists."

Social media also pointed the finger at Noelle, but she wanted the media to know she had nothing to do with his dark past coming to light. Noelle said:

“Thanks for everyone concern and input. But imma make this clear , that is not my bd it was just an ex , his criminal background I did not put out there that’s not my place.”

She continued, insinuating that Kenneth Petty may have quickly rebounded with Nicki Minaj after ending his relationship with her, at the time.