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Someone Just Posted PICS ON INSTAGRAM . . . Of Jaden Smith's Girlfriend . . . And She Appears To Be Doing HEAVY DRUGS . . . XANEX AND COCAINE!!! (Will And Jada . . . HELP YOUR SON)

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Will and Jada's son Jaden has such a bright future ahead of himself . . . we really hope he doesn't MESS IT UP. A person on Instagram just put his girlfriend Sarah Snyder on BLAST - allegedly.

The instagram uses posted the below pics - which purportedly show Sarah sniffing a white powder substance.

Another photo also shows Sarah, with what appear to be XANEX bars in her mouth.

Jaden has a HISTORY of drug abuse in his family. Both Jada and her mom were addicted to cocaine. Both ladies spent YEARS overcoming their addictions. We hope that Jeden doesn't make the same mistakes they did.