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Someone Just LEAKED . . . Some EXTREMELY SEXY PICS . . . Of The Woman . . . Who Claimed Tupac RAPED HER!!!


Tupac was arrested and convicted of sexually assaulting a woman - and sentenced to 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in prison for the crime.

For years, the identity of the woman has been a secret - until a few weeks ago when Ayanna Jackson -- the woman Tupac Shakur sexually assaulted -- spoke publicly for the first time.

The pair met at a New York nightclub.

 "I was in the club. I was having some champagne, and he walked up behind me," she told VladTV. "I had some jeans on that night. And he placed his hands into the back pockets of my jeans ... We progressed out of the VIP into the nightclub to dance."

Jackson claimed that Pac grabbed her braids so that she couldn't move and told her:

"These are my boys. I like you so much, I decided to share you with them." She also alleged that the group ripped her dress off and she was raped by Pac as well as three of his friends while his manager Charles Fuller watched.

There are people who still doubt Jackson's story, but she has stuck to it for over two decades.

Well, she's now just "talking." Someone appears to have leaked some very compromising images of her.

Here is the first image

Here is the second image

Here is the third image

Here is the fourth image