Someone Just Found OLD TWEETS By NeYo's Wife . . . And WOW . . . Just WOW!!

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What did you think of your CURRENT LOVE — the first time you met him/her? Did you think they were GOOD LOOKING, CHARMING . . . or possibly SEXUALLY CONFUSED?

Well someone went back and dug up some old tweets that Neyo's current wife Crystal posted, when she FIRST met NeYo. And what she thought of dude was, well, not too flattering.

This is what she posted after their FIRST ever date. She was open about how she felt about her singing bae back then.

Here's what she posted:


NeYo and Crystal tied the knot back in February 2016 at an oceanside ceremony. Before they got married they talked to People Magazine and here is how NeYo described their first meeting:

“Our meeting was initially strictly business, and I had planned on shooting a short film with the album,” says the Grammy winner. “We met at a restaurant, but she showed up two hours late. She explained later why that was: She was just trying to get some info on me: who I was, if it was really going to be a business meeting or if I was some creep. When she sat down, we got to talking, and we just hit it off, more than I think either one of us expected. It was strictly business initially, but after a couple hours of just hanging out, talking, things got a little more personal: We started getting to know each other.”

Apparently they each have a DIFFERENT recollection of how that first meeting actually went.