Alexis Sky and Fetty Wap have a beautiful daughter Alaiya, that they are co-parenting. But a member of the Love & Hip Hop cast is suggesting that he - and not Fetty Wap - could be Alaiya's biological father.

The explosive revelation came from Solo Lucci - during the Love & Hip Hop reunion show that was filmed last week. According to multiple sources at the reunion show, K Michelle brought out the tea during filming o the VH1 reality show's reunion.

One witness told MTO News, "K Michelle told Lucci that Alexis' daughter looked like him, and Lucci was like 'that could be my baby."

Another person who was at the reunion, posted this online:


Alexis Sky has been plagued with paternity rumors ever since giving birth to daughter Alaiya. But Alexis has maintained that FETTY is her daughter's father - both biologically and otherwise.

Fetty accepts being Aliya's father also. The rapper is actively a part of the little girl's life.


Here is a video of Alexis daughter:

Earlier this year Alexis was in drama again...What should have been a happy Mother’s Day for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Alexis Skyy turned out to be a sad one for the new mom. In a cryptic Instagram story message, Skyy reveals that she’s sick and tired of the internet coming for her as a mother. “Since all people wanna do is clout chase off my name..lie talk about me all about how ima [sic] bad mom..y’all really want me dead and gone so maybe that needs to happen.”

According to VH1:

The model and reality star has taken her fair share of heat from strangers online who feel her mothering skills haven’t been up to par since giving birth to her daughter Alaiya Grace. The adorable newborn spent the first few months of her life in the hospital after being born three months premature. In between hospital visits to see her baby girl, Alexis has been keeping her schedule busy with club appearances and modeling gigs to continue earning a living. Now that Alaiya is officially home with her mom, people feel Alexis is out of pocket for continuing to travel out of town for gigs.