Sofia Richie, the current girlfriend of Scott Disick reportedly feels disrespected by the picture Kourtney Kardashian posted on her laying on her bed with Disick in the background.

 A source close to Sofia told HollywoodLife that she feels “constantly reminded” about how close Scott and Kourtney are. 

“Sofia feels disrespected and uncomfortable with Kourtney’s Instagram pics and constant reminders of how close she and Scott remain,” the source told HL. “Sofia does not like it at all when Kourtney posts pics with Scott.”

We don't blame Richie. Who would be cool with a picture of their man sitting on their exes bed, and then posted on social media for the world to see? There is even speculation that the move was a deliberate attempt to upset Disick's new bae.

“Sofia is confused by the unnecessary pics and feels they are rude, inappropriate and wishes Kourtney would back off from her man,” the source said. “Sofia is not happy with Scott about it either. Sofia places the blame on Kourt and is prepared to talk to her about it if she continues to post pics with Scott.”