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Lamar Odom has been accused of shading his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian in a recent Instagram post about his new girlfriend, Sabrina Parr.

Lamar shared a split-screen image of Sabrina a few years back with a few extra pounds - alongside a picture of her slimline body rocking a hot red bikini.

"Scrollin through @getuptoparr page like DAMN!!! 😍😍 My baby is an extremely hard worker. All NATURAL and real from the inside out," he wrote.

"God has bought her in my life for me to reach my full potential and that’s to be Great. I got nuttin but Love for this women @getuptoparr !!!! #lamarandsabrina #wcw"

Followers assumed that Lamar's reference to Sabrina being "all natural" was a jab at his Khloe, who has reportedly had some work done.

"Deffo better the Khloe, her ass paid cash to look like a Barbie 😭" one follower wrote.

"You don’t need make digs at your highly supportive ex in order to compliment your lovely new lady, Lamar," another wrote.

But some fans were not convinced:

"I’m not sure about all natural, “💉💉💉 but she’s beautiful anyway", one wrote.

Do y'all believe Sabrina is all-natural?