Entertainment mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had one of the best 2019's ever. He made millions of dollars, signed 100s of millions in deals, and produced one of his hit STARZ show Power's best seasons ever.

And from a personal standpoint, he appeared to have done very well also. He went public with his new girlfriend, the lovely Jamira, AKA Cuban Link.

Well, social media sleuths are suggesting that the two may have split up. They noted that the aspiring lawyer has been posting some very cryptic posts lately,

She's posted about becoming a "new" woman. And in many of the posts, she's talked about losing out on "material things."

It's not clear what's going on in her life . . . . 

Here's one of the posts:


Here are pics of the lovely Jamira and 50:


Coincidentally, back in December, 50 clapped back at a fan who tried to flirt with Cuban Link on Instagram. While the Power executive producer is used to trolling people online, it didn't hurt to troll a fan who was trying to set up a date with Fif's girlfriend in her comments.

The thirsty commenter asked Cuban Link what she was up to this weekend, and if she would be interested in perhaps having dinner.

50 Cent appeared shortly after, saying "she doing sh*t you can't afford to do little n**ga."

Perhaps something unraveled in the meantime? New year, new Cuban Link?!