Social Media STAR Goes VIRAL . . . By Showing Off Her New BOYFRIEND!! ('Ms.Parker Finally Got Professor OgleVee')

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Social media star Stella Williams (200k followers) is a smart, pretty, and successful woman . . . she's also a BIG GIRL. She goes by the name of SUPERB Stella online.

So folks were not ready when she unveiled pics of her new man - who works as a model in Los Angeles. In fact, the new posts of her man have gone viral.

And Stella explained how she managed to land such a good looking man. She told fans, "As a plus size woman they tell me to settle. They tell me I’m not good enough for the best."

But Stella refused the settle. She continued, "Find someone who matches your swag, ambition, goals, and vision. Never belittle yourself because of your size. You are powerful and deserve the best in life. "

And then she described the best characters of her new man Nico. She told followers, "Someone who makes you smile, laugh, feel powerful. Nico, you are that person. Thank you for treating me with the respect and commitment I deserve. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you"

Stella identifies as Afro-Latina and produces content for the internet. Her website describes her as, "bringing her Texas flare to LA. It was Stella's desire to change her life, lose weight (health), and "glow up" that encouraged her to start her YouTube channel in 2016. Once she discovered the YouTube community that was struggling in the same areas of life as she was, she finally felt at home. Stella is currently creating content that is attracting new fans from across the world."