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Social Media Star Boonk OVERDOSES ON LIVE . . . Takes 25 Xanax Pills . . . All For 'LIKES'!!!


Social Media star Boonk overdosed last night on social media. The controversial celebrity wanted to increase the number of followers he has - so he decided to take 25 Xanax pills. While he has built up quite a tolerance for Xanax - the social media star had what is being described as a "mild overdose."

Boonk used to have 3 million followers on Instagram. But his account was deleted after he posted multiple s*xtapes on the family friendly platform. Now he's been doing any and everything to get his numbers back up.

And yesterday he came up with the idea of "oversdosing" to held get his numbers up. Sadly, it seems o be working. Boonk got more than 250,000 more followers after his "overdose" stunt.

This isn't the first time that the weird social media "star" has attempted to garner attention... his IG was shut down on July 2, only one day after he posted a series of NSFW videos of himself engaging in foreplay and having sex. The rapper (whose real name is John Robert Hill Jr.) nearly broke the Internet with his graphic clips, showing him in various positions with a woman. Boonk immediately became a trending topic on Twitter, after over 5 million people viewed his salacious IG Stories.

Shockingly enough, the risqué videos stayed on Boonk Gang’s feed for several hours after he posted it, and fans are still tweeting about the ordeal.