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Social Media LIL TAY Got Her Mom FIRED FROM JOB . . . For  TALKING HER SH*T!!


Lil Tay - the 9 year old social media star who "talks her sh*t", may have just talked her mother OUT OF HER JOB. MTO News learned that Lil Tay's mom, Angela Tian, was fired from her job.

Angela used to work as a property agent until she was fired from her job last week. The website, the Daily Hive confirmed this report.

And the local site is claiming that she was fired because of Lil Tay's online antics. “There is no place for this sort of activity in our industry,” Pacific Place Group director of business development Jim Lew told the online publication.


Lil Tay currently has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. The 9 year old is known for using vulgar language and bragging about being rich and able to afford expensive cars and other luxury items.


She recently sparked controversy for engaging in what appeared to be a violent confrontation of fellow social media icon Danielle Bregnoli.

Until recently, Angela Tian (Lil Tay's mom) was working for Pacific Evergreen Realty, a real estate firm with an office at Oakridge Centre on West 41st Avenue.

One of those videos shows her daughter Lil Tay, a foul-mouthed, nine-year-old social media star known for flashing money and a high-priced lifestyle — and using inappropriate racial terms — spouting off in a red Mercedes convertible.

That car belongs to David Yang, the managing partner of Pacific Evergreen Realty. In an interview with Global News, he said he has two cars: a Bentley and his Mercedes 500 SL.

He said Tian initially came to him and asked whether her daughter and son could take a photo of the Bentley. Some time later, Yang came into the office and Tian asked him whether he had driven the Bently to work that day. Yang said no, he had driven the Mercedes, but he still said they could take a photo with that car instead.