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Nicki Minaj is back to sharing selfies with her boo, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, but social media boyfriend once again!

Nicki's boyfriend is not as well liked as the rapper would like, but that hasn't kept them apart. If anything, it's brought them even closer together. Zoo as even featured in Mike Will Made It's "Runnin" visual alongside Nicki.

But being a celeb is hard work and you cannot please everybody.

Here are just a few of the savage comments:

"Why he got the rapist face? 😂"

"She looks rough & poor"

"the leggings isn’t where her standards dropped🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s the fool in the pic with her that shows she’s desperate 🤷🏽‍♀️"

"ewwww I can’t with him biting his lip in this flick"

"Not saying any things wrong with him but we learned from @iamsafaree how these men will use you as a come up. N I want her to be able to lean on someone not him leaning on her in every situation."

"I really want her to be with someone else like a prince or an oil monopoly owner or something. A business man. Why can't black women glow up and also find a man that has that same ambition. 😢😢😢"

"He gives me bummy vibes"

"She real pressed.. she all in the comments and everything! #sugamomma"

Is it time to give Nicki and her bae a break, or nah?