Snoop's Wife MAY HAVE LEFT . . . Removes Wedding Ring . . . Amidst 'CHEATING' Drama!!

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Rapper Snoop Dogg was caught in a cheating controversy last night - after a notorious Insta-thot published what she says is EVIDENCE that she cheated with Snoop Dogg.

Well Snoop's wife Shante is already FIRING BACK at her cheating husband. Minutes before news of Snoop's alleged CHEATING was published online, Shante showed off her new manicure - and her STUNNING wedding/engagement ring set.

But today, after news of Snoop's alleged indiscretion spread - Shante took a SUBLIMINAL SHOT at her husband. She posted an image of herself online - without wearing a ring.

This was her on before the news broke - proudly showing off her lovely ring.


And THIS is her after news broke about Snoop's alleged cheating: