Snoop Dogg's youngest son Cordell C. Broadus is going viral today one social media - after his new modeling pictures leak. Cordell who turns 23 next month, showed his feminine side in the pictures. Snoop's son wore a full face of makeup, an earring, and a pink blouse adorned with flower.

Here are the pictures:

Folks on social media were shocked at Cordell's new look.

And most people on Twitter suspected he might be a part of LGBTQ community. One wrote, "Okay sis come on out." Another asked, "So he's bisexual?" One other perplexed individual said, "Wait.... he gay?"

And with the speculation - also came homophobic remarks. For example, on commentator wrote, "So high fashion means men have to dress like women???? Aw ok."

But there were a ton of positive comments for Cordell as well, including these: "Yesss Queen," "First word that came to my mind was sassy," "He still fine!" and "Y'all homophobic in these comments too? Not cute."

"Better than sitting on a corner selling drugs and killing people," an individual jumped in his defense. Another shared a similar thought, "If he's happy and secure in what he does, I'm happy fir him."