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Snoop Dogg's SIDE CHICK Signed To Love & Hip Hop . . . Plans On SNITCHING ON CAMERA!!

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Exactly one week ago, Snoop Dogg was exposed for cheating with popular Insta-thottie, Celina Powell. Well, now it looks like she's got a new job.

MTO News exclusively learned that Celina has signed on to join the Love & Hip Hop family. The paperwork was signed on Friday, and she's official. We're told that producers are trying to determine WHICH franchise to include her on.

And get his. She's not joining the franchise alone. She's now being managed by former Love & Hip Hop star NIKKO. Remember - the guy who made the s*x tape with Mimi.

Well the two are "dating" and Nikko is managing her. They will be joining Love & Hip Hop as a COUPLE.

Snoop was exposed for CHEATING on his wife Shante - and he got caught RED HANDED. Celina claimed that Snoop flew her out to Los Angeles (economy, of course) and then banged her out. And she has receipts. Celina posted videos, screenshots of texts, and her plane ticket.

Right after all of this came out, Snoop's wife Shante stopped following her husband on all her social media.

After all of Celina's receipts were released, Snoop posted his response to social media without dignifying Celina by name. He shouted out a fake documentary series called Clout Chasers.

It doesn’t matter if a man is married. If he’s willing to stray, Celina dubs him fair game. She previously attempted to trap Waka Flocka, claiming he impregnated her.

A YouTube search of Celina Powell reveals “IG Thot” is generally used as her chief descriptor.