Snoop Dogg's only daughter Cori Broadus is embarking on a new singing and modeling career and she seems to enjoy showing off her body.


Lately, the 21 year has been posting very risqué images of herself all over social media - and she's starting to get noticed.

In addition to having a pretty face, Cori is also extremely . .. voluptuous and men who love thick women are flocking to her page.

Here are pics of the beautiful young lady:

Here's a video that she posted on Youtube:

Cori and Snoop Dogg have a close father-daughter relationship. When she graduated from Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Los Angeles, Snoop was just as proud as any parent would be. The rapper was so excited that he filled up his social media with photos and videos from the ceremony.

Going by the stage name, CHOC, she has been pursuing a musical career. So far, she has garnered more than six thousand followers on her YouTube channel.

When she still was using Cori B as her stage name, she released a song along with Snoop called “Daddys’girl." But she also has other singles of her own, like “Love Me For Me”. Since then, she has mentioned that she feels she is making the music that actually means something important to her.

Cori may be modeling, but her first love is music. She made her entry into the music industry when she was just 12 years old. Cori released her debut song “Do My Thang” in 2011 and the song was aa moderate success.

In 2018, her song “Same” became a massive hit and her ‘Outside’ and ‘Sittin’ In My Room’ songs of 2016 topped the Billboard charts. Some of her other singles include SMH and Daddy’s Girl. Cori also has a YouTube channel in which she posts videos related to music. In her “No Guns Allowed” song she has featured her Dad.