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Snoop Dogg’s Did The BIG CHOP . . . She CUT OFF . . . ALL HER HAIR!! (Very Pretty)


Snoop’s daughter Cori showed off her new look.

Snoop Dogg’s daughter Cori recently turned 18 and is already turning heads.

She shared two pictures of her new cut on Instagram, captioned:

“Don’t be afraid to try new things! My growth is realllll🤗🤗”

And she is out here living her boldest life!

At age 11, Cori was diagnosed with Lupus. Cori eventually beat the disease, but her illness at the time actually helped to bring her parents back together. They were in the process of filing for a divorce.

Cori has spoken up several times about colorism and representing as a beautiful, proud chocolate woman.

“I can finally say I’m comfortable in my own skin, grew up despising the skin tone I was in because it’s been bashed on for so long & society has been putting in our heads that dark is ugly. For all you beautiful chocolate girls/ women out there you’re BEAUTIFUL & don’t let anyone tell you different,” she said on her Instagram page.

Several other celebrities have recently cut off their hair, including Sanaa Lathan and Tamar Braxton. It’s a bold decision to cut, but once the leap has been taken, it should be a lot easier to maintain. The hassle of wigs weaves and everything in between can be stressful.

She’s grown up to be a beautiful young lady. We know her parents are very proud of her.

This was her before:

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And now:

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