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Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to ask whether or not the Gucci ban was still on.

“I seen some n*ggas wearing Gucci the other day so is the ban off or not?Y’all gotta let me know because I got a buncha shit in here I ain’t give away yet. N*ggas wearing Gucci again or not? Cuz y’all ain’t say nothing about the n*ggas that had it on the other night. If I wear it, y’all gone talk sh*t?”

Snoop obviously does not want to catch heat for wearing the brand, but he seems to imply that he has some Gucci threads on standby just in case he is given the green light to wear the fashion label once again.

His fans let him know in the comments section that the ban is still on and that it's still "f*ck Gucci."

If Snoop wants to know the status of the Gucci ban, he should reach out to Mysonne who recently dropped a video for his new Gucci diss.