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Snoop Dogg visited The Breakfast Club, where he spoke candidly about the legacies of later rapper 2Pac and Nipsey Hussle - and according to Snoop, Nipsey did what Pac couldn't do.

"What [Nipsey] stood for was stopping the gang violence. He was from 60 Crip, but he loved gang members. He loved Bloods. He loved YG. And the bond he had with the 'hood—different neighborhoods—was impeccable. He was like a street soldier," he told the radio hosts.

Snoop and Pac were close friends up until the end, but Pac remained in the crosshairs of the gang culture, unable to unite the two sides.

"The spirit Nipsey had was the spirit 2Pac had as far as being up close and personal with the people," the rapper shared. "I think Nipsey did what 2Pac couldn't do... He don't rap like him, but he moved like him."

The rapper even compared the rapper to Jesus: