Rapper Snoop Dogg has had enough of "racist" booking agents, and hopped on his social media to let them know exactly how he feels!

"Aye y'all, I'm finna put some words out about some punk-ass muthaf*cking agents in the music industry that don't want to see a Black man win as a booking agent," said Snoop.

"I will be giving up names real soon and what companies they with. You punk muthaf*ckers. Don't wanna see a n*gga win because I connected with somebody that of a different ethnicity? Because I got a Mexican...a Latino working with me? It's Black and Brown, and y'all don't wanna see that? F*ck y'all system, muthaf*cker. I'm sick of this sh*t."

His words come just days after the rapper's close friend, Bad Azz, passed away. Bad Azz died while in custody of the Riverside Sheriff's Department. They have said that they do not suspect foul play, but are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.