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Shane Gillis, one of the newest cast member's of Saturday Night Live is catching heat over a resurfaced podcats interview, where he used a racial slur to describe Asians.

The clip is from a September 2018 episode of Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast, recorded with fellow comedian Matt McCusker. 

"Chinatown's f*cking nuts," he says in the clip. "Let the f*cking chinks live there, huh?" 

He also makes fun of Asians using a fake Chinese accent.

 "It's full f*cking Chinese in there," he says. "And the translation between you and the waiter is such a f*cking hassle, I'm pointing at it," he says, impersonating the waiter's broken English.

But according to Gillis, although his comments were racist, he says that his exchange with the host was "nice racism, good racism."

Gillis issued a statement apologizing for any offense caused:

"I'm a comedian who pushes boundaries. I sometimes miss," Gillis wrote on Twitter. "If you go through my 10 years of comedy, most of it bad, you're going to find a lot of bad misses. I'm happy to apologize to anyone who's actually offended by anything I've said. My intention is never to hurt anyone but I am trying to be the best comedian I can be and sometimes that requires risks."

Here's a clip of his standup: