'SNITCH' Homie Quan!! Rapper Reportedly CALLED POLICE . . . When Rival Rapper RALO RAN DOWN ON HIM!!


Atlanta Rapper beef just got SERIOUS. Last night Ralo and Rich Homie were both in Raleigh, North Carolina - and it popped off.

The two rappers have been trading DISSES on social media for the last few days. Ralo is one of those rappers who REALLY LIVES that street life, and so he decided to take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

So yesterday Ralo and a group of goons PULLED UP on Rich Homie with GUNS OUT. Rich Homie was with his security team, but they were overwhelmed by both numbers and firepower. So police were called.

Ralo and his people are now referring to Rich Homie as "SNITCH HOMIE" on Twitter.